Political resolution of the 44th national meeting 2022

Individual freedom and responsibility, human rights and equality are the cornerstones of the Independence Party’s strategy.

Equal opportunities, education and financial independence of individuals are the foundations of equality and good standard of living. Equality is based on individual freedom. Equality lays the foundation for well-being of individuals, families, and businesses, and thus the society, as a whole. Freedom of employment and property rights are an integral part of a free society and a prerequisite for Iceland being a country of equal opportunities.

Welfare is based on a strong economy. Reliable basic services, safe and sufficient electricity, reliable communications, and good transportation create opportunities for improved quality of life throughout the country.

With these basic issues as a guide, the Independence Party draws special attention to:

  • Iceland should be a leader in the global energy exchange based on the use of renewable natural resources and should be the first country to become independent of fossil fuel.
  • The immigration legislation must be changed so that it takes into account the legislation of the neighbouring countries, and it must be ensured that applications from people who seek international protection here will be processed quickly and safely.
  • Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is strongly condemned.
  • Taxes must be reduced, and the regulation of the economy must be simplified.
  • Direct investment and participation of workers in the economy must be increased.
  • The government should not compete with companies on the private market.
  • The governments exclusive right to retail alcohol should be abolished.
  • Direct government grants to the media are unhealthy and harmful.

In environmental matters, the responsibility of the individual must be activated with positive incentives. The private enterprise and the property rights contribute to the efficient use of resources and nature conservation. Climate change threaten security, world economy and well-being. It must be ensured that Iceland’s ambitious goals for recession will be met in releasing and sequestering carbon so that carbon neutrality is achieved. There are great economic opportunities in energy exchange with efficient and sustainable use of green energy resources. Climate and energy issues will not be separated. Iceland should be a role model in sustainability, circular economy, and green energy.

The Independence Party emphasizes that Icelanders take the lead in the green energy revolution and stop the use of fossil fuel. The prerequisite for this is a significant increase in energy production through the use of renewable energy sources. The complex regulatory framework and time-consuming licensing process for the use of green energy resources must be simplified.

The security of the delivery of electricity must be ensured with a powerful transmission system throughout the country, thus paving the way for green industrial development and energy exchange.

The regulation of the economy must be simplified, its competitiveness increased and innovation and encourage the establishment of companies. The Independence Party emphasizes that taxes will be reduced, as levies are heavy in international comparison. The tax environment, both for individuals and companies, should be simple and guarantee international competitiveness.

The Independence Party wants to promote the direct participation of the public in the economy and increase wage earners liberalization on the return of private pension savings. The freedom of association in the labour market should be respected and rights of workers guaranteed.

Icelandic society is based on diverse and well-educated human resources. A high level of education strengthens productivity and increases quality of life. Society’s investment in education is an investment for the future. Equal opportunity is best guaranteed with equal access to diverse and good education at all levels of education. Challenges for boys in the Icelandic education system are huge. It is essential to create conditions in the education system where all children can flourish in an environment that promotes well-being and where all can find purpose in learning.

Strong and reliable transport is extremely important. When making a transport plan, safety considerations and the benefits of individual projects weigh the most.

The Independence Party reiterates that the government should not be in competition. It is important that the government continues to divest its holdings in financial companies and sell its shares in Íslandsbanki in full in the next year.

The Independence Party rejects direct government subsidies to the media, but emphasizes improving the operating environment of private media, as free and independent media plays a key role in a democratic society. It was a mistake to turn RÚV (the National Broadcasting Company) into a public limited company, which needs to be dismantled, removed from the advertising market and check if the operation is entirely or partially better off in the hands of private parties. The Duty Free (Frihöfnin), Isavia’s subsidiaries and ÁTVR’s stores should be sold in parallel with the abolition of the government’s monopoly on the retail sale of alcohol.

More restraint must be in government spending and the accumulation of treasury debt must be restrained. The Independence Party rejects that the solution to all issues lies in increased public spending. The law must on public finances must be revised and a spending rule for the public sector must be legislated.

The Independence Party underlines the need to safeguard the protection system and social infrastructure regarding refugees. It is urgent to respond to the increasing numbers of applicants for international protection with amendments to the immigration legislation that take into account legislation in our neighbouring countries. It is imperative that people who seek asylum get their applications processed quickly and safely.

Issuance of work permits for people with expertise from countries outside the EEA needs to be simplified. Provide children of foreign origin special support in education and social integration so that they can benefit from their talents to the fullest and become active participants in society equal to other Icelanders.

Cooperation between public institutions and companies with innovative and start-up companies needs to be increased, especially within the healthcare system. At the same time, a new welfare and health policy should be formulated on a broad basis in public and private operations. The Independence Party emphasizes that when organising health services, the right of individuals to services is guaranteed throughout the country. Private enterprise must be utilized much better in health services and investments.

The Independence Party protects the social security system, but it can amongst other things, be revised so that everyone is guaranteed a minimum income. Care must be taken not to reduce the motivation for self-preservation or the possibilities of individuals to improve their conditions.

The Independence Party emphasizes the independence of municipalities and wants to promote their increased cooperation and unification in accordance with the will of the residents. The division of labour between the state and municipalities needs to be reviewed. Services for the disabled must be strengthened and the funding and the organization of the issue must thoroughly be reviewed.

Iceland’s membership in the North Atlantic Alliance (NATO) and the defence agreement between Iceland and the United States, as well as good cooperation with Great Britain and the Nordic countries are important to ensure the country’s security and sovereignty. Iceland should continue to take an active part in the defence cooperation of Western democracies and to constantly look for ways to make the contribution that Iceland is able to bring to the common defence of the Atlantic Alliance.

Energy and food security must be ensured, as they are integral elements of Iceland’s national security strategy.

One of the greatest interests of the Icelandic economy is easy access to foreign markets. Commercial, political, and cultural relations with the European countries and the United States are most important to Icelanders. It is urgent to continue to ensure open and free access to the internal market of the European Union on the basis of the agreement on the European Economic Area and also to strengthen trade relations with the United States and the United Kingdom. It is emphasized that Iceland’s interests are best secured by staying outside the European Union.

The Independence Party condemns the Russian Federation´s invasion of Ukraine, its annexation plans, and persecutions of the Ukrainian people.

The Independence party is the party of those who want Iceland to have a free society of prosperity and culture.

The independence policy is based on a belief in freedom, initiative, daring and responsibility of individuals, tolerance towards different life attitudes and ways of life with an emphasis on the common interests of different social groups. The Independence Party rejects that the government can or should solve all human problems.

By harnessing the power of individuals, a solid foundation is laid for the welfare society of the future.